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Express Yourself!

Who are you? To express yourself is to show, through speech, writing, some form of art, or behavior, what we feel and what we can do. It first starts, however, with accepting yourself for who you are. Accepting yourself often requires a mental attitude adjustment. Stop letting little things bother you. Stop re-hashing and re-hashing things; thinking about what should have, could have, and would have... And stop thinking everyone has it better than you.

It next requires that we focus on appreciating who we are as a unique individual. This will lead to authentic behaviors in line with our personality.

So EXPRESS yourself. Your thoughts, ideas, dreams, ambitions, hopes and emotions. Let people see who you are through speech, writing, art, or behavior.

Let others get to know the REAL you. Your life has a purpose, and you have a message that is waiting to be expressed.

“Be who you are and say what you feel

because those who mind don't matter

and those who matter don't mind.”

Dr. Seuss

And as you express yourself through volunteerism in your community, keep ACCOLADE Celebrations in mind. This organization (my organization) has the tremendous honor and authority as an approved Certifying Organization, to give out the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) to qualified volunteers. If you're interested in earning a PVSA, find out how you can become eligible at: #followus #stayuptodate #celebratingexcellence

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