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Give In and Go For It

Have you ever had an intense desire for something, to either do something or eat a specific food item? I have, and it’s been lingering on my mind. Lately my craving is

popcorn for lunch. And not just popcorn, but a glass of wine to go along with it. Weird, right?!

I thought that after I had it once, my craving would be satisfied and I would be done with it, but that hasn’t been the case. I’ve tried to override it by eating more sensible things instead, like a sandwich or a smoothy – anything that is healthier and would break the craving, but nothing has helped. I’ve had cravings before. They can last weeks, and I struggle to figure out what is really going on. Is it the salt and butter on the popcorn, coupled with the fruity taste of wine? I don’t know. All that I can say for sure is that I think about it and desire it a lot. Nothing can erase or replace the craving.

Now that I have indulged in this crazy craving, hopefully I can move on. I’ve been in this place before where I’ve had a craving for something very specific. It lasts as long as it lasts, and then it typically goes away. I’m sure the same will happen with my popcorn/wine craving. I’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts and try not to think too much more about it.

Sometimes you just have to give in and go for it. Who knows why a desire to do something can feel so strong. It can be that our body is trying to tell us it needs something that is missing. It can even be divine intervention moving us towards our destiny. I would like to think that my passion for improving the quality of life for the homeless and having a positive impact on society by celebrating the excellence in people is prophetically inspired. After all, the guiding scripture for my business is based on Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things. (NIV).

Check out my website at for more about me and my aspiration to celebrate and lift up people.#careforthehomeless #actsofkindnessawards #followus #stayuptodate #celebratingexcellence

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