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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

This age-old adage can mislead the kindhearted into believing good deeds backfire. The reality is good deeds go unnoticed, a lot.

Try this little experiment the next time you read the news either through print, online or on your mobile devices. Count how many reports are about someone being shot, murdered, robbed, sent to prison, or otherwise suffered. Then count the number about someone being helped, promoted, mentored, encouraged, or was otherwise kind. Which did you count more of? You probably could have guessed that answer, right?

Unfortunately, we simply do not live in a world that celebrates kindness. Many of us often complain that breaking news is too focused on negativity, yet the news outlets know we will pay close attention to the scoop. Have we trained the media to only focus on these things? Everyone wants to feel informed, yet too much exposure to negative news can seriously affect our mood and our ability to be rational and logical.

There is a lot to be gained from hearing good news. It boosts morale, releases stress, encourages good behavior, inspires, releases our endorphins (our body’s natural happy drug), and motivates us to want to do better. So, keep doing good deeds, and I’ll bring attention to them, not to boost anyone’s ratings, but to motivate, inspire, and expose to the world what humanity is truly all about.

The mission of ACCOLADE Celebrations is to promote awareness and improve the quality of life for the homeless in Marion County, Florida. Our signature event is the Acts of Kindness Awards. Its purpose is to: 1) celebrate ordinary people who have committed their time and energy to improving the lives of those in their communities; 2) bring awareness to the prevalence of homelessness in Marion County, Florida; and 3) raise funds for a local homeless shelter. Stay up to date on the Inaugural Acts of Kindness Awards, in Ocala, Florida, by going to, and following me on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. #actsofkindnessawards #followus #stayuptodate #celebratingexcellence

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