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ACCOLADE Celebrations Inc.

Promote awareness & improve the quality of life for the homeless in Marion County, Florida



488 people live in shelters
188 people live unsheltered
50% are women and children
45%  are disabled or mentally ill
25% are victims of domestic abuse
25% were physically/sexually abused as children

Source: Ocala Gazette (2023) & The Homeless Hub (2014)

Our Signature Services


BAgs To Care for the Homeless

To respond to the needs of the homeless by preparing and distributing Bag-To-Go filled with basic necessities and resource information.

Image by Jacek Dylag


A Monthly Celebration

To showcase everyday people who have helped to improve the well-being of the homeless through an Act of Kindness.

Gala Table


A Premier Recognition Gala

An annual awards and recognition gala to celebrate unsung heroes who have committed their time and energy to improve the lives of those in their communities and to raise funds for local shelters for the homeless.

Previous Acts of Kindness Award Recipients

Hollie Lopes & Group-2.jpg
Krystina Bennet -5.jpg
Hollie Lopes & Group-2.jpg
Sheeba Smith.jpg

We celebrate ordinary people who have committed their time and energy to improving the lives of those in their communities through Acts of Kindness.

Image by Steve Knutson


Help the Homless in your Community

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