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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Why do we hold onto bad memories but are so quick to let go of the good ones? We allow thoughts to enter our head that have us to focus and dwell on things like, what didn’t work, how we messed up, what’s not fair, and how we didn’t get what we really wanted. We’ll obsess over the negative thoughts to the extent that they paralyze us and keep us from moving forward and being hopeful about the future.

Truth be told, if we are honest, our good times do outweigh the bad ones. Our good experiences may not be numerous in quantity, but the quality of our experiences counts too. Good experiences can be big or small. We ALL have them. We enjoy them at the time they occur, but for some reason, we quickly tuck them far away in the back of our mind. They reside there, just waiting for us to put them to good use.

Here's a tip. Conscientiously push out of your mind those bad thoughts and bring forward the good ones. Good thoughts might include recollections of a happy childhood, a great vacation get-away, a job promotion, a celebration, or a family holiday gathering. Take your mind on a trip down memory lane and allow yourself to daydream about those good times. For each good memory, think about every aspect of it – what made it such a pleasant experience. Embrace and feel the joy it makes you feel. Marinate on those good thoughts for as long as possible. Then bring up another pleasant memory, and another, and yet another. Soon you’ll have an intrinsic pick-me-up and an emotional get away from the stresses of the day. Try it, and you’ll find that the bad memories are chased away. Your spirits will be lifted and your mood improved.

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